Our mobile bike trailers allow us to take our materials on the go. We are able to deploy within minutes, heading to multiple events sometimes within a day.


In Good Company

We conducted interview workshops with university students and they recorded interviews with each other about significant experiences they had with learning and teaching. These were broadcast on a bike rack low power radio station that easily attaches to any bike without special tools, making this the simplest mobile bike tool we have made to date.

zine fest_edit.jpg

atlanta zine fest

We participated in the Atlanta Zine Festival, which was organized by Murmur, a DIY art space. We brought our bike trailer and were able to create zines with participants, scan them, and distribute copies to visitors to the festival.


chattanooga cyclovia

The Chattanooga Cyclovia was an advocacy event allowing participants to see how important safe multi-modal transit can be to the livelihood of a city. We brought race bibs, allowing people to share the skills they can never forget and teach others who attended the event.


atlanta new school

Artist Hope Hilton invited us to come to the Atlanta New School and teach zine making to high school students. We asked them to share what they care about with their peers. Together, they created an edition of zines that they then bound for each other.


North adams pop-up events

While in residence with the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts, we brought our mobile bicycle trailers to a local community center, baseball game, and concerts to record interviews about what North Adams is all about. These interviews were later played on a low-powered mobile radio station.

Pop-up Heights Line_edit.jpg

heights pop-ups

Working with local teens, we curated a radio station to help get people’s attention at a local events. Using our mobile infrastructure, we could bring design documents outside of the design studio.


Hornell community arts center

We held a summer workshop for local school age children, which included performative retelling of their bicycle stories while riding stationary bikes, discussion of skills they wanted to learn, and construction of imaginary learning assistance inventions.