Greenway glow


About the project

The Midtown Greenway is an amazing piece of public infrastructure. It crosses the city of Minneapolis east-west, gives a protected space for pedestrians and cyclists to move free from cars, and it is a great example of rails to trails in Minnesota. Minneapolis is an excellent place for cycling; however, the greenway is underutilized at night because of safety concerns. Greenway Glow is a festival that seeks to use the greenway throughout the night (running from dusk until after midnight) by inviting artists to activate the space. Riders participated in our project by “racing” to learn skills. They filled out a race bib that said, “I will never forget…” which we collected and added to our library. Because of the adage “it’s like riding a bicycle,” we focused on skills the participants would never forget. A large scale slideshow of completed race bibs was projected on a wall, illuminated the trail and sharing responses.