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About the project

Through the use of colorful visual language and the creation of a contemplative experience, the Green River Labyrinth constructs a space that asks participant to consider themselves. Labyrinths are meant to be places for reflecting in motion; this one includes contemplating questions about individual experience and ultimately allows participants to engage with the path by leaving responses in chalk at various points. Over time, the responses to space and place collect, are washed away, and collect again.

Using color-coded stones we created a circular path, divided into three section based on three main statements: “I was _______. I am  ________. I will be ________.” Each section of the labyrinth path is framed by rocks asking questions for participants to consider about various aspects of their life. At the entrance to the labyrinth participant take a piece of chalk and upon reaching the apex of each segment write a response to one of the three main statements on a rock that they will then add to the display. Engagement with the labyrinth provides participants with time and space to contemplate their desires in a lighthearted way, while the piling of the response rocks becomes a fleeting archive of possibility.

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